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Business, Corporate, Product, Process, Organisation and Infrastructure


is an extensive area of responsibility with various priority themes, divided into so-called Hard- and Soft-Facts.

My focus: analyze and develop the Hard- and Soft-Facts in organisations
with focus the Hard-Facts:

In addition to analysis and development of business process and controlling management systems, target definition and target consolidation as well as strategy adaptation are important building blocks for business, corporate and organisational development, because

Strengthening the strengths is only one half of the job.
Detect vulnerabilities and change them in strength is the other half.


You want to spend money? I will show you sensible ways of investing.

 But, what is the real cause?

It´s all about efficiency+effectiveness
by optimal interaction.

Efficiency + Effectiveness in a positive manner and identical basic orientation,
irrespective of the organizational design.

Change is your Chance!

Recognition and understanding of strengths and weaknesses is necessary to be permanently successful.

Knowledge of hitherto strengths and weaknesses is necessary to obtain a basis for modification.

Analysis, information and results are necessary to make purposeful decisions.

Target development and to implement strategic
is necessary to be permanently successful.

Use your Chance!

Sandra Klinkenberg
Structure Development since 1992

Development Adviser .
Specialist in Structure Development . Expert for Integrated Management Systems
commercial and technical Adviser .  entrepreneurial Manager and Executive .
Adviser for Experts, Manager and Executives . Project Coach .
Auditor . Assessor . Validator



Advice and accompaniment for successful business and corporate development
at micro and macro level for holistic sustainable structure development!

Concept and Design for healthy growth and steady profit

structural advice on micro and macro levels
solution adviser in complex programs



Program, Project & Business Process Management

Project management is a method to implement a strategy decision. The strategy is a framework which is filled with projects, gives impacts on processes and change the organization.Sandra Klinkenberg

Project Leadership
Organisation, coordination, management
Portfolio review and optimization, program management


Total Quality Management - TQM. T stands for the cross-divisional and interdisciplinary approach. Q is in the middle - and figuratively the center > in the work of each person, for all processes and the total company has quality priority. M finally points out the necessary exemplary role and the persistence of the management in the enforcement of (quality) goals. Source of ABC of quality management

Analysis and development of management systems

IMS - Integrated Management System, consisting of
DIN EN ISO 9001+14001+BS OHSAS18001/ISO45001 (+ISO26000);
ISMS - (Information Security Management Systems)
Integrated Security Management System
consisting of like above, additional ISO/IEC 27001 and ITIL, ISO 22301, etc.
QMS - Quality Management System
ISO 9000 Family, DIN EN ISO 9001

 Method / System different synergetic Management systems
 Results living management system for process control
 Benefit process definition and visualization, improved processes
 Experience - Consulting Advisor and support for the implementation of a living Integrated Management System
 Experience - Audits Internal Auditor for DIN EN ISO 9001
Auditor for ISO 26000, ONR 192500, SA8000, ... as well as SEDEX
risk-oriented audits and assessments
Excellent Organisations (GEM global excellence model council) realize lasting high performance, which top the expectations of all its stakeholders and exceed them. The development of an organization to excellence is a responsible and challenging task. Quelle EFQM


Integrated corporate organization development
through self-assessment with external accompaniment
and assessment     

 Method / System  Excellence Model
 Result concept integration for excellence corporate management
 Benefit holistic business development at/to optimum combination of business sectors
 Experience - Consulting advice on the implementation of the concept for excellence corporate management - pre-phase
 Experience Validation for corporate development - pre-phase
 Assessment Assessor at LEP - Ludwig Erhardt Preis

holistic considerations are the key to success and in addition provide safety and stable operation capability incl. additional potential. Sandra Klinkenberg

Corporate Structure

Quality management (QM/TQM),
CSR and Sustainability Management - Focus:
Corporate Organisation and CSR-Sustainability


 Method / System ISO 26000, GRI Sustainability Report;
Future Check and Intellectual Capital Statement
 Result holistically strong sustainable corporate structures
 Benefit balanced corporate development;
intellectual capital statement
 Experience - Consulting implementation of a structural / basis analysis with creating an individual development concept and a mission statement;
advice and support for the integration and implementation
 Experience Evaluation, Assessment, Audit

Corporate Development

through holistically Structure and Organisational Development

Sustainability Management

System consisting of multiple elements

Method / Element Organisation-Structure-Model
proprietary development
Result strong sustainable Corporate Organisation

integrated sustainable Organisation and Business Process Development with high rates of growth on average about 20% in the 1st Year with an increasing trend for the following years (from experience)

Experience - Consulting advisor for integration of the organisation-structure-model and possibly other elements
Experience - Assessment valuable assessment

Structure Development for peace and security inside,
to be strong and successful outside.
Sandra Klinkenberg


Entity-relationship Structure Analysis (1)
Assessment for the comprehensive overview of organisational real relationships of influence relationships and their impact on and by the fiscal unity

Entity-relationship Analysis (2)
Consideration of organisation-cultural aspects into unities and their effects on structures and organisationrofile

Method / Procedure

(1) self-developed procedure for risk /potential and impact relevant analysis of entity-relationship

(2) Integration of cultural aspects in organisations and their impact on the structure

Result neutral transparent representation of real entity-relationship correlations from direct to indirect connections, dependencies and effect relationships in organisational structures to stabilize and strengthen the operational capacity of organisations
Benefit greater depth of the inspection of Entity-relationships to develop more targeted and effective measures
Experience Assessment and advice

additional Experience

risk-oriented Assessment
cause analysis
preparation of solutions




Advisory Business Economist
Beratende Betriebswirtin
(PhD Level 8 EQR)
eq. MBA-Management and Economics

Specialist in Structure Development
Development Adviser & Project Coach
Structure Developer since 1992

DGQ-Information Security Management Representative

BCM - Business Continuity Management,
Internal Auditor

EOQ CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
and Sustainability Manager

EFQM Excellence Assessor and Validator

DGQ Quality Manager and Internal Auditor

Diploma (ils)
Interior Design / Interior Architecture

certified Trainer for
Apprenticeship / Professional Training
in Industry and Trade

Commercial Assistant, capital/investment goods



© 2011ff . Sandra Klinkenberg


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